View Full Version : Secure access to cPanel on NS2

11-05-2008, 07:03 PM
I have a few users who can't access cPanel on NS2 via https. After requesting many tests and offering many suggestions I visited one of these users today and sure enough there is a problem. I first used my PC and can access NS2 and any site on it via http and ftp. But when I try https on ports 2083 or 2087 the connection is opened but there is no response to the first packet. However, similar connections (https on ports 2083 or 2087) to NS1 do work properly.

Subsequently I tested using the user's PC and got identical results.

Here at home I have no trouble with any access to NS1 or NS2 so it is difficult for me to test. Reportedly this is a new problem that started about one month ago.

Does anybody have any ideas why https access to NS2 would be restricted ? I do have a trace (Ethersnoop) of the good connection to NS1 and failed attempt to NS2 but it doesn't show much as there is no response from NS2. The short-term fix is to access cPanel via http but the users want a secure connection.