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  1. Deasoft good service and support
  2. Great Service
  3. Best features for me
  4. Excellent Support
  5. Thanks to Brett
  6. Thanks you and keep it up
  7. Excellent support
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  11. Years Criticizing Them
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  14. played up her glow for the evening
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  16. not the cash itself, were likely to draw attention given
  17. Democratic National Commit
  18. getting contributions from
  19. political action committees and lobbyists
  20. the Democratic National Committee
  21. Zynga; and Avram Glazer, whose family owns
  22. wants ‘open’ process to replace
  23. to repeal Obamacare, but
  24. Jerry Moran of Kansas on Tuesday said he’
  25. Senate Republicans’ efforts to
  26. support the President’s efforts to repeal
  27. Moran said in a statement to McClatchy
  28. choice, protections for pre-existing
  29. Kansans.” Moran, along with fellow
  30. creased access and lower overall
  31. process to craft healthcare policy
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  34. wants ‘open’ process to replace
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  36. Tuesday said he’ll vote to proceed to
  37. on a bill that would repeal
  38. publicans’ efforts to come up with
  39. topless photo
  40. CIA Director Hayden
  41. the CIA, on Friday called
  42. and disappearing videos